I want to wake up at the beach.

The sun is shining and in front of me there is the ocean.

That`s where I really want to be.

Right now and maybe forever.

My name is Alina. Born 26 years ago in a small town in the north of Germany. There are three things I love: Travelling, Writing and wearing Flip Flops.

Trekking through Guatemala
Trekking through Guatemala

We live in a world with more then 7 billion people who speak more then 6500 different languages. We live on 7 different continents, with varying landscapes, cultures, religions and views of the world. How can anyone understand any of the things that are happening around us, if we don`t know the world outside our own little world?

Snorkeling at the San Blas Islands, Panama
Snorkeling around the San Blas Islands, Panama

I love traveling. It makes me happy. It makes me understand the world we`re living in. It all started 6 years ago. I went to Australia for my gap year between school and uni. And I absolutel fell in love – with the country as well as with travelling itself. I went back to Germany, did my Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Communication Science – and left again. Since then I`ve been on the road. Wearing only Flip Flops. Well, at least as much as possible. I have learned more about life than I could have ever imagined. And, as every other travel blogger, I want to share my experiences. Not to tell you what to put in your backpack when travelling to Bolivia or which the cheapest ferry between Koh Samui and Koh Tao is.

Beim Sandboarding in der Atacamawüste, Chile
Sandboarding in the Atacamadesert, Chile

What I want to do is to show you the magic, the fun, the excitement as well as the fear, the pain and the hard parts of travelling. I want you to get lost in stories of places in the world you`ve never been to. I want to make you go and book a flight to go to this place or somewhere else new – to experience all those incredible things yourself. That´s the reason why I write, to share and inspire. To create some smiles and some loud laughter. Because this world has so much to tell.


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