Back on the road!

Sunset at Sri Lankas South Coast
            Sunset at Sri Lankas South Coast

And then it was that time again. After eight months back in the motherland the day arrived and it was time to say Goodbye again. After working my butt off in a job, that I will definitely not pursue as a career, but which has definitely taught me some lessons regarding real working life, walking a minimum of ten kilometres every day, having to deal with all kinds of people (and let me put it this way – I lost a bit of my faith in humanity), being under constant stress while working every damn single weekend without fail – it also made me a whole lot of money in a short amount of time, thanks to the German tipping culture. So all the hard work was really more than worth it. Especially when I finished my last day at work, had a beer with one of my best friend overlooking the Hamburg Harbour, realising that I would be off again in just a few days. Continue reading “Back on the road!”


The lolly question

Last night after dinner I wasn´t very tired so I figured I just have a little stroll through the main road of Ubud, a small town in the mountains of Bali. When I was walking down the street I passed two kids who were sitting at the side of the road and were asking everyone who walked by for money. I walked past them. Then, when I had walked that road until the end and turned around to go back, I still saw the kids sitting there. So I was starting to wonder what I should do. Continue reading “The lolly question”

Independent Budget Travel through Ethiopia – Part 2

A skeletonof an animal next to the road
A skeleton of an animal next to the road

So there is one question that I want to ask you: Have you ever appreciated, I mean really appreciated, running water? Did you ever appreciate turning the tap on and actual water coming out of this tab? Well I can tell you I don`t think I ever did. Until I came to Ethiopia. Running water is just one of many things that I now fully appreciate.

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Independent Budget Travel through Ethiopia – Part 1

Driving past ethiopian villages
Driving past ethiopian villages

Ten days ago I flew into Ethiopia. The plan: First travel the country and then do some charity work. Either here in Ethiopia or somewhere else in Africa. And then probably travel a bit more, maybe Tanzania, Uganda or South Africa, depending on how much money I would have left at that point.

Now, ten days later, I am sitting in the departure lounge at the airport in Addis Ababa waiting for my flight out of this country. What happened? Well, let me tell you: Ethiopia happened. The last ten days have been the most challenging, exhausting and hardest days of my life. Ten days that literally and without exaggerating felt like months. What started to seem like a really interesting experience turned into the hardest traveling I have ever done. I can take a lot, but this country took me to my limits. Let me tell you why. Continue reading “Independent Budget Travel through Ethiopia – Part 1”

Guatemala – You Country Of My Dreams

Lago de Atitlán
Lago de Atitlán

Guatemala – was fällt euch spontan zu diesem Land ein? Ich bin ganz ehrlich – bevor ich nach Mittelamerika kam, hatte ich den Namen zwar natürlich schon mal gehört. Aber das war es dann auch schon. Ich hatte keinen blassen Schimmer, ob das Land in den Bergen oder am Meer liegt, es dort kalt oder warm ist oder mit welcher Währung dort gezahlt wird. Während unserer Reise durch Südamerika erfuhren wir dann, dass Guatemala – neben Nicaragua – DAS Backpackerland Mittelamerikas ist. Denn dort sollte es nicht nur einiges zu sehen geben, nein, es sollte auch noch günstig sein. Eines sage ich euch: wirklich günstig ist Guatemala nicht. Aber wisst ihr was? Das macht gar nichts. Denn wenn ihr mich fragen würdet, welches Land mir von allen Ländern, die ich bisher bereist habe, am besten gefallen hat, dann habe ich genau drei Wörter für euch: Guatemala! Guatemala! Guatemala! Continue reading “Guatemala – You Country Of My Dreams”

A Thought About Traveling

“Lucky you, that you can go traveling. You must have rich parents, hm?! I’m so jealous. Doing nothing for months on end, just chilling in the sun, while I have to work. You are so lucky. “

I bet everyone who has left his or her home country to go traveling for a while has heard this sentence before. And it probably annoyed them as much as it annoys me. Because even though traveling is great (otherwise we obviously wouldn’t do it right?), there are still some things involved that aren’t that much fun. But people who stay at home never really seem to understand it. So here are the 3 sentences that show most how traveling sometimes gets misunderstood. Because it isn’t just one big holiday.

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Holá Mittelamerika!

Paradiesische San-Blas-Inseln
Paradiesische San-Blas-Inseln

Mittelamerika – wenn ich euch jetzt frage, welchem Kontinent dieser Teil der Welt zugeordnet wird, könnt ihr mir dann mit 100-prozentiger Sicherheit antworten? Südamerika oder Nordamerika? Diese Frage begleitete mich auf meiner viertägigen Grenzüberquerung von Kolumbien nach Panama. Ich machte mich auf einen anderen Teil der Welt, der sich (wie sich noch herausstellen sollte) in vielerlei Hinsicht von denen von mir besuchten Ländern Südamerikas unterscheidet. Die Landschaft in Mittelamerika ist anders, genauso wie das Klima. Die Menschen sprechen plötzlich viel besser Englisch und die Backpacker, die man trifft, kommen aus ganz neuen Ländern. Ich verließ einen Teil der Welt, der mir vertraut geworden war und tauschte es ein gegen eine neue Welt. Aber verließ ich auch einen Kontinent?

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